Aggressive racing doesn’t pay off at Midden-Brabant Poort omloop

by Stef Habets
Aggressive racing doesn’t pay off at Midden-Brabant Poort omloop

Lars Oreel Highest finisher after scorching hot day


Sunday 10 June was the day of the penultimate race in the Holland Cup series. The 200 kilometre race started and finished in Gilze and contained several cobblestone sections and typical Dutch twisting and turning. Before the race started the wind got stronger and presented itself as an important factor for the race. Along with 200 other riders our guys left Gilze under a scorching sun.

The first breakaway proved to be the right one and Jordi van Loon managed to get in it. He was accompanied by 5 companions and together they got a maximum advantage of 2 minutes. After 3 big laps of 37 kilometres the peloton picked up the pace and started chasing the leading group. Unfortunately Jordi van Loon ’’who was in the early break for the second day in a row’’ punctured and had to let his fellow escapees go. Jordi was caught by the peloton soon after.

The 5 lone leaders lead the peloton for another lap while the bunch reeled them in. After the big regroup the peloton started to put the hammer down and the race exploded. The bunch split several times and got back together again. After a while a lead group of twelve riders got away. The rest of the bunch split into 3 big groups and Tim Kerkhof and Lars Oreel where part of the first chasing group of around 30 riders. Tim got stomach issues soon after and had to abandon the race unfortunately.

In the finale the group of twelve riders split during the local laps of 7 kilometres, 3 riders where deciding which of them could take home the flowers. In the chasing group Lars Oreel managed to stay where he was and keep up the pace. A little group of 4 riders got away but Lars showed his fast legs and incredible power as a first year U23 rider and won the sprint for 17th place. A little further behind birthday boy Robin Blummel who celebrated his 19th birthday finished the race completely empty.

Bad luck and a lot learned at the Midden-Brabant Poort omloop.