Camden Vodicka

by Stef Habets
Camden Vodicka

Name: Camden Vodicka

Date of Birth: 21-12-1999

Nationality: USA

My cycling story is a quite different from most. A crucial piece of information to understand is that my dad was in the United States Navy so we moved a lot. When I was 8 years old I saw Michael Phelps win 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, that inspired me and I decided to pick up swimming. At the time we were living in Texas and I started with a club at our indoor pool. There was this girl there who lived close to me and was in my class and we started to carpool to swim practice. I had quite the crush on her. We carpooled to swim practice for about two years until she started doing triathlons, and as a 10 year old kid who liked this girl I was like “well I’m doing triathlons too now.” At that time we moved to Florida (which was kind of a bummer because I thought at the time that triathlons would make her like me haha) and one of my dad’s Navy friends and his kids started their own triathlon club whom I raced under for about three years until we moved to California. I was 14 when we moved to California, when we got their I got involved with this great group of people who really got me into cycling. At that point I decided I didn’t like running anymore so I would just do cycling. These people taught me a lot about just riding because at the time I had little to no experience. When I was 15 I really started racing, I got a few local results and got invited to race for Roy Knickman’s junior team Lux Cycling. Almost everything I have learned is because of Roy. I raced with roy from my 16 year to 18 year. My 18 year I won one of the bigger U.S. races and got invited to race for U.S. junior national team where I did the junior Peace Race and Axel where I met Frank and instantly became interested in him and his program. After not finishing the race I don’t think that Frank had very much faith in me but I did a few more races and got a okay results and I think I grew on him a little. When I came back over to Europe again to race with Lux, Frank offered me to be on the team and I of course, accepted. Hope that helps!

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