Maarten van Trijp

by Stef Habets
Maarten van Trijp

Name: Maarten van Trijp

Date of Birth: 6-10-1993

Nationality: NED

I started cycling when I was 7 year old I just did little rides with my dad. After that I did my first cyclocross race with friends. Those races went really well so when I turned 9 I started racing on the road.
Next year I just try to get the best result as possible to reach my big goal “to become a pro next year.”
My career till now was quite hard due to lots and lots of bad luck such as physical issues. During the spring of 2017 I felt really strong and at my best for the first time. This translated in some very good results it is a shame that a crushed collarbone messed up the summer.
Next year I want to win races and race myself into a spot at the pro peloton.

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