Robin Blummel

by Stef Habets
Robin Blummel

Name: Robin Brummel

Date of Birth: 10-6-1999

Nationality: NED


My name is Robin Blummel, I am 18 years old witch means I am a first year u23.
I started cycling in a local race at the GP Groenendaal in Sint-Michielsgestel. I did my very first race at the youth category 3. I won my first race at the age of 12. Till now I have won 38 races and I rode Paris-Roubaix two times at my last participation I got crowned king of the cobles. My biggest win was at the Keizer der Junioren. Next year I want to learn and adapt the racing style of the continental circuit and I want to gain the experience of riding as a U23.

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