Stepan Grigoryan

by Stef Habets
Stepan Grigoryan

Name: Stepan Grigoryan

Date of Birth: 27-03-1994

Nationality: RUS

My name is Stepan Grigoryan. I was born in Vladimir city (Russia). When I was young I saw road races on Eurosport and fell in love with cycling. My first bicycle was a mountain bike. I took part in off-road races such as cross country and marathon with good results.
After school I entered MPEI (Moscow Power Engineer Institute) in Moscow and had an opportunity to visit the olympic track. My new career started with some national cup victories.
My goal is to become a very good classic rider. In my opinion, the team is a very important step to becoming a pro. I am looking forward to a great 2018 with DESTIL Parkhotel-Valkenburg CT.