Timo de Jong

by Stef Habets
Timo de Jong

Name: Timo de Jong

Date of Birth: 28-3-1999

Nationality: NED

I am Timo de Jong, 18 years old and living with my parents and dog in Goes.

Started cycling at 8 years old , in our neighbourhood there were races on a normal bike, ‘’Dikke Banden Wedstrijden’’ as they were called. In 2007 I became Dutch champion Dikke Banden and I got my first racebike. In the beginning I was also playing football, the love and passion for cycling made me decide to go for cycling only. I have never regretted it, cycling brought me to a lot of places and has given me many international friends.

I began competitive cycling at age 8 as a member of ZRTC Theo Middelkamp. When I became a second year U17, I made the transfer to ACROG Balen BC in Belgium, where I could ride a great program and could learn more in big races. They give me the trust to learn, grow and develop myself as a rider.

My junior time I also rode for them and learned a lot, with ups and downs

In 2016 my greatest victory was the Tour of Flanders for Juniors.

2017 brought me 7 victories and the general clasification in Vuelta Ribera del Duero in Spain. I also won the green jersey in Tour de Vallee. And got selected for the Dutch National Team.

I am a Classic rider. Who would like to further develop in Time trail, and keep learning and grow in the races. With the development, trust, staff and program of Destil- Parkhotel Valkenburg this is a step in the right direction to become professional cyclist.

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