Tour of Szeklerland great succes

by Stef Habets
Tour of Szeklerland great succes

Our riders rode a very attacking Tour if Szeklerland resulting in  a 4th place in the general classification and 1st in the U23 classification by Alex Molenaar. Jordi van Loon took 6th place in the GC and Oscar van Wijk rode to an impressive 11th place overall. The team also took second place in the team classification.

The Last two days of the tour of Szeklerland proved to be very hard with two stages and an uphill time-trial. In stage 3 Maik van der Heijden joined an early breakaway and put a lot of effort in making it stuck. This resulted in him getting dropped after the breakaway got caught. But his aggressive style of racing has given the team lots of exposure. We rather go down fighting, because in order to win you must be ready to lose. Great job Maik!
Stage 3 was a very hard day and Alex Molenaar tried his luck and got in a two man breakaway after the early one was caught. Unfortunately his companion of Team Novak did not work with him and Alex had to do all the labour. Soon after they where caught and Jordi van Loon rode to a 4th place in the stage with Alex coming in 6th and Oscar 9th. Jordi van Loon took the lead in the U23 competition with just 2 stages to go.

Stage 4A was an individual uphill time trial over 10 kilometre. Alex rode to an impressive third place and Jordi came home 9th losing the U23 lead to Alex.

Stage 4B was 143 kilometres long and did not do any damage for the GC contenders. Jordi van Loon sprinted to an 10th place in the stage and Alex Molenaar defended his U23 lead successfully.

Altogether the Tour of Szeklerland was a good one for the team. We rode very aggressive and showed our jersey and sponsors where possible. We got home with the U23 leaders jersey, second place in the team classification third in the mountains classification and 4th in the general classification. This young team gathered many great experiences in Romania and learned a lot.